Uploading Photos on Windows XP

Windows XP has made it easier to manage your photos. The software on my server (gallery) now has integrated with the XP mechanism for uploading. It's simple, fast and reliable. It's my preferred way of uploading now.

For the first time only, you need to do the first step described here. It basically tells XP about photos.livingpixels.com.

1. Click on "Publish this folder to the Web" in the regular Windows explorer.
2. Next!
3. Since I've already sorted out which photos I want uploaded, I just make sure they are all selected and click Next.
4. Choose Gallery which is the name of the photo software running on my server.

5. Login using the username and password I gave you. If you've forgotten just ask me and I'll either tell you or reset it.

6. Click on "Create New Album" to put these photos in.
7. Enter title of album and make sure the Parent Album is set to The California Crew because that's us. Then click "Create New Album".
8. Make sure the new album is selected and Use filenames as captions is off. Click "Next".

9. Make sure Windows does NOT resize before uploading. We want the highest resolution image uploaded so printing and viewing looks it's best. Gallery creates thumbnails and the lower resolution images more appropriate for the web.


10. Wait.